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Orthodontics for Children

Orthodontics for Children

In some situations, we prefer to treat children as early as the orthodontic problem is detected.

Early orthodontic treatments not only help your child to have a better smile with confidence but also it improves the quality of life.

For example, children who suffer from sleep apnea could be treated with special orthodontic appliances. Those who grind their teeth, may need a night guard to protect the teeth from wearing.

Habits such as finger sucking and teeth malalignments such as cross bites, severely protruded teeth and open bites should be treated as early as possible to prevent major complications in the future. For instance, sleep apnea, mouth breathing, Jaw joint (TMJ) issues and teeth fracture/wear.

Teeth are moving faster in growing children who have the best ability to adapt the changes taken place while being treated with orthodontic appliances.

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