Implant-retained Overdentures

A type of denture using implants to secure them.

Implant-retained Overdentures

This is a regular denture that has been modified to accomodate two implants that retain the denture. Implant-retained overdentures are widely regarded as the most successful innovation in securing dentures and the result is truly amazing. Your self confidence will radically improve and you will be able to eat, laugh and sing without discomfort or embarrassment.

Implant retained denture 1 Implant retained denture 2 Implant retained denture 3

Upper Implant-retained overdentures

The implant position of upper dentures is critical for preventing the denture becoming bulky and cumbersome while eating and speaking. Planning and collaboration between the Surgeon and Technician is essential and we have extensive experience with some of the country's best implant surgeons.

Upper implant retained denture 1 Upper implant retained denture 2

Case Study - Lower jaw provisional bridge

This procedure was for a provisional immediate implant bridge and was performed over the course of a day. The client was seen in the morning by a dental surgeon and had 4 implants placed in the jaw. Immediately after the surgery, the original denture was modified to fit directly to the implants. The entire procedure was completed within 5 hours and the client was able to eat dinner that night without any problems. The soft tissues of the mouth healed within a week, allowing the client to clean the bridge with a toothbrush as if they were natural teeth.

Case study lower 1 Case study lower 2

Case Study - Upper jaw denture with titanium bar

This was a very complex case where the implants in the upper jaw needed to be splinted together with a milled titanium bar for strength. A denture is constructed to clip to this bar with locating press studs. The result is very strong but the denture must be removed regularly for cleaning.

Case study upper 1 Case study upper 2 Case study upper 3