We will make your dentures to your individual requirements.

Customising your smile

Some like the crisp fresh look, while others want to look just like they did before dentures. We work with you to personalise your smile, so bring in a photo of you at your best and we will customise a look just for you. Here are examples of three totally different looks.

Denture 1 Denture 2 Denture 3

Lower Partial dentures

Lower dentures are very difficult to get used to so if you have a few teeth to clip a denture to, the denture will be more stable. This partial denture with a metal frame clips snugly to the natural teeth. If the remaining teeth are healthy, the frame will passively splint the teeth together, creating a stronger arch of teeth and a better surface to eat with.

Lower Partial Denture 1 Lower Partial Denture 2

Upper Partial dentures

These two partial dentures are for the same mouth. The bulkier plastic denture may be more appropriate if your remaining teeth are not strong enough. It covers much more of the mouth and may not clip as snugly. The plastic denture also bears all the load onto the gums from eating, sometimes ​​causing further tissue deterioration. If the remaining natural teeth are healthy, the Cobalt Chrome or Titanium metal denture will most likely be the best option. It braces the teeth together to create a strong, ridged and secure situation. This will protect the teeth and tissues long into the future.

Upper Partial Denture 1 Upper Partial Denture 2