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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Solutions is run by experienced industry professionals, and between Rob and Paula, they have over 40 years of experience and knowledge. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can you repair my dentures if they have cracked?

Yes we offer a repair service. We live near to our laboratory/surgery and we are able to do emergency repairs while you wait. Repairs cost between $30-$120 depending on the break. We will provide you with an estimate of the repair cost before we commence any repair work.

I have lost my denture, can you replace them for me and how long will it take?

We can replace your denture for you as quickly as a full working day or overnight. We advise you to keep a spare denture fitting in case of emergency. We can duplicate your existing dentures in the case of such incidents.

I have trouble wearing my dentures they keep dropping out while I talk, can this be fixed?

Yes this can be fixed, in most cases the denture will need to have a reline. In some cases it will be a minor adjustment and in other cases there is the option of implants to hold your dentures in place. Or you could have implants with a fixed bridge to replace that dropping denture altogether. We will consult with you and provide you with all the options available to you, we will also provide you with a full written quote.

I play a weekend sport and need a mouthguard can you help?

Yes we can make you a custom made mouthguard. Depending on your level of sport we can customise them to your needs. For example a 5 year old ripper player requires a different grade of mouthguard to a professional Super 15 player. We can customise your mouth guard in any colour you like as well.

I already have a dentist, can I still have my dentures made by you?

Yes you can. We will work with your dentist to achieve your goals, in some cases patients have upper dentures and natural teeth, or partial dentures with your own teeth. It is really important to maintain the health of your natural teeth. Your natural teeth are required to support your partial dentures.

If you are looking at having your teeth removed and dentures fitted, we will work with you and your Dentist to make the transition as smooth as possible. Call our office today for a consultation with Rob and he will go through all the options with you, and answer any questions you may have.

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