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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Treatment

A Dental Emergency results in dental treatment primarily designed to alleviate pain. This can be the result of an untreated infection, or a sudden event (breakage or accident). Dental Emergencies are generally ‘pain motivated’ treatments. It gets to the point where the discomfort overcomes the fear of the Dentist, or the account!

In case of a Dental Emergency, CALL YOUR DENTIST. Your regular dentist should be your first option if you suffer a Dental Emergency. A phone call may be all that is required to help you manage the immediate problem. If treatment is required urgently, your dentist may have alternative arrangements in place.

Dental emergencies can result from a number of sources. Many are the result of accidents, but they can also result from wear and tear. Sadly, a number of our Dental Emergencies are a result of procrastination – patients will ignore the early warning signs that something is not quite right. Early detection and treatment of dental problems will often allow you to avoid unnecessary pain (often, these problems worsen with time – they seldom miraculously disappear). Not only that, but the treatment options are often less drastic, time consuming and costly. Regular dental examinations are the primary method of avoiding a Dental Emergency.

Dental Solutions is licensed to contract Dental Services to ACC, Work & Income NZ, and some Community Service Card holders (this one is a bit tricky – call our clinic and we can talk you through it). Much of the work we do for ACC, WINZ and eligible Community Service Card holders is to alleviate pain (emergency dental treatment).

Pain Relief Clinic

Everyday we have dedicated times specially for pain relief emergency dentistry. You will need to phone in early to secure one of these time slots as they can fill up quickly. Click here to get in touch with us.

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