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Dental Check-ups and Examinations

Dental Check-ups and Examinations in Ellerslie

Looking after your teeth follows a very simple concept – prevention is better than cure. Unfortunately, many of us do not appreciate the value of our teeth until they are in need of repair or removal. Teeth don’t grow back! In a perfect world, your teeth would last you for your entire life, and one of the most effective ways of achieving this is to have regular dental check-ups.

Your check-up exam is a bit like your car’s WOF. It should happen regularly (most people would benefit from a six-monthly check-up routine). It is designed to check the current state of your dental health (teeth, gums, tongue and other oral tissues) and to help you to protect your teeth by caring for them properly.

This check-up will identify any existing or developing problems. It is an opportunity to raise any of your dental concerns with your dentist. Treating these in the early stages will not only save your teeth, but will usually save you a considerable amount of money too. In instances where a variety of treatment options are possible, it will allow you to discuss these options with your dentist and put together a plan that best suits your needs.

A Dental Check-Up or Examination appointment will normally take 30 minutes. As part of this process, we would recommend that Bite-wing X-rays be taken every 12 months and Panoramic X-rays be taken every 5 years.

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